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​We are excited to announce that our first publication will be Prepoems in PostSpanish, a bilingual letterpress chapbook of poems by Ecuadorian poet Jorgenrique Adoum, co-translated by Katherine Hedeen and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez. 

Recognized as a profoundly influential Ecuadorian intellectual of the twentieth century, Jorgenrique Adoum (1926-2009) was a poet, novelist, essayist and playwright. He published fourteen books of poetry during his lifetime and was showered in superlatives by Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (who dubbed him the "best poet of his generation in Latin America"). Despite such accolades, his work is absolutely unknown in the English-speaking world. 

From the poem "Americanisms": 

"the mystery work unwritten / and we’d wake up to forceps or tugs / with a terrible katzenjammer always / call it perseguidora guayabo cruda / goma ratón chuchaque cuerpomalo / according to the country where they’ve underdeveloped us so long / (in the others gueule de bois or hangover) / call it life just to be clear"

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"Often I write as an aesthetic response. Estremezcales is a reinterpretation of Modernism. El-pE-Yo is illegible without NOIGANDRES. Eco del Parque (Park Echo, coming from Eulalia Books, 2019) has an inescapable foundation in the work of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz. I can't separate anything that I have written from the influence of Tarkovsky's films - now and then I submit myself to his irradiation as if going to a thermal bath ... Then, as variable constants: the 'appearance' of some topic occupying my consciousness, my conversation with literature, as with film and rock music, and I won't fail to mention my 'gang' of writer-friends, my diary, the 'special' diaries that I put together sometimes, my research into specific topics, and my conversation with every word in the moment it forms on the page or meets my ears..."

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Our local 'coming out' is officially rolling out... Read more about us in Littsburgh, a favorite online spot keeping tabs on the Pittsburgh literary scene. 

​Pictured above: Michelle Gil-Montero and Román Antopolsky, co-editors of Eulalia Books.